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Good News for the Soul

Was notified today that a memoir piece I wrote titled “When Ladybugs Roar” will be published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum. It’ll be out in April for Autism Awareness Month, but is available for preorder on some sites:



When April gets closer I’ll post more info on this book and on Autism and Asperger’s. Working with this publishing group was a great experience. They are as nice as you’d imagine.

I’ve never felt so purely elated as I did when I received the email notifying me I was a finalist. Being published for a fictional work is a great honor. Being published for a memoir about a cause that touches you and about children you adore… is validation I think I’m unlikely to equal. Whether the world likes me as a fiction author can be a fickle sort of validation. Having a publisher pick my journey as a parent as representative of an inspiring example…. I start crying every time I think about this. That goes double for when I read this memoir piece. I might get dehydrated when I read this entire book from all the crying.

This was an amazing honor and I hope when it comes out, you’ll take a minute to think about all the kids you love and research the signs and symptoms of Autism because the greatest gift a parent of an Autistic child can receive is time.

Oh, and as a writer I feel obligated to say that, yes, I know Autism and Autistic shouldn’t be capitalized but in my world they will be and should be.

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