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You’ve Been Deceived!




I know I led you to believe that Frosted was a novella…thus fiction, but it was all… a lie. It all unraveled for me when I tweeted this quote:

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to blow winter down into Florida? Believe me, I’ve tried. Global warming is a bitch.”

But, well, people had begun to suspect right from the beginning when Frosted came out. The premise of my “story” is that Jack Frost (who I’ve previously “alleged” to be a myth/character) has been trying unsuccessfully to get to his queen who ran off to Florida. I said this was fiction, but then my novella came out and shortly after that… this happened:



But I think a lot of you would have been willing to let that one slide as a weather fluke until this last weekend, when I tweeted the aforementioned global warming quote–which everyone had previously assumed was just a fictional quote (Oh how the lies build!)  Immediately, I started getting tweets alerting me that Jack Frost was indeed trying to blow winter down into Florida.

And then the screenshots.

Exhibit A:



I know. If that one made you uncomfortable, well, you probably won’t like this one either:

Exhibit B:



*whispers* Yes, that is a freeze warning…and it might as well be a Frost warning.


One final brick on the wall.

Exhibit C:



Not just a freeze warning but a HARD freeze warning. *stares* Actually don’t substitute Frost in that one. *coughs*

How can I make it up to you? What could possibly make up for this level of perfidy?

Oh, I know… how about the chance to win a Snowflake necklace from my “Non-fiction” book’s Blog Tour:


Snowflake Necklace


Get Frosted!

Please join me in celebrating the release of my debut Contemporary Fantasy Romance Novella, Frosted! Jack Frost will be giving away a Blue and White Swarovski Crystal Snowflake Necklace in Sterling Silver to one lucky winner at the end of the tour–experience the shivers of excitement only Jack can deliver!

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Frosted by Wendy Sparrow

Seven years ago, Kate Finley fell through the ice into the Winter World and straight into the heart of its king, Jack Frost. Then cold feet set in and Kate ran from the one man who made her feel complete.

Jack let his queen go back to the mortal world to say goodbye but she escaped out of his reach to sunny Florida. Now time is short, and he must convince his runaway bride to give him a second chance to melt her heart.


Title: Frosted

Author: Wendy Sparrow

Genre:  Contemporary Fantasy Romance Novella (LIES! ALL LIES!)

Length: 117 pages

Release Date: January 2013

ISBN: 978-1-62266-860-1

Imprint: Ever After



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    *GASP!* Your characters have escaped from the book!! (Or have they? Bum bum BUM)

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