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Watchlist Wednesday II



So, a while back I did a history of my web search history while writing Push Me and people were amused at the very least.

The last two weeks, I’ve written or revised six different projects–and a writer’s history is always a bit watchlist worthy, so I thought you’d enjoy visiting the scary world of Wendy’s brain in research mode.

It always starts so innocently:

Full Moon Calendar

Synonym for crested, climbed

Googled Father Time

Wiki Father Time

Wiki Time myths

Wiki Fates

Googled Supermoon

Synonym for almost, nearly, approximately

Husband sent me a link for the weirdest dialect ever: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boontling So, I spent time on there. Too much time.

Googled nickel and nickelodeon (I’ve got no explanation for this one actually.)

Googled learning curve

Wiki Butterfly Effect, Chaos Theory, and the Ray Bradbury story: A Sound of Thunder. (That was such a good short btw.)

Full Moon Calendar again *sighs* (Yes, I do this over and over–same with measurements.)

Googled dysphorically

Googled diametrically

Googled nascent

Synonyms for primitive

Wiki Buzz Aldrin (I totally thought he’d died, by the way–but he hasn’t)

Then come a few searches that sound soooooo much worse than they were. I was trying to confirm that your eyes dilate when you’re aroused/excited. *coughs* Yeah.

Wiki Sexual Arousal (DON’T DO THIS! TRUST ME!) (Bleaches eyes) (I thought Wikipedia was safe.) *weeps* (My husband mocked me for going here naively and for my gasping horror.)

Googled Signs of attraction women give when they’re aroused

Googled Marco Polo (as you do…)

Wiki Marco Polo

Googled Kublai Khan

Then, I spent a long time on this site: http://library.thinkquest.org/C004916/

-kissing explained

-finding her comfort level while kissing

-how to kiss a girl (I was writing from a guy’s perspective…not planning a new life choice.)

-more kissing stuff

-further kissing stuff

-the pain kiss

-adding variety to your kissing

-types of kissing  *shuffles feet* (It’s a kissing book, people!)

-getting free kisses (I was intrigued by the name…not on a grail search here.)

-kisses and cuddles *shames sets in* (It was really a cute website! Okay! Don’t judge me!) (Go look at your web history!)

-more definitions of kissing

-kissing FAQs

-Flirting Manual for Men and Women (It’s a good thing I don’t write smutty stuff, huh?)

Synonyms for Temptress

Googled Colloquially

Googled Botulism

Googled Interesting facts about Botulism (you know…for the kids…)

Wiki Botulism

Googled Things that contain Botulism

Googled Ways Botulism is spread

Googled Fatality of Botulism

Googled Obtaining Botulism *shakes head* (I swear, this was research, visitors from the NSA.)

Googled Atomic Weights of Elements

Then, I spent time on some particle physics sites… because I’m complicated like that.

Googled Romeo and Juliet

Wiki Romeo and Juliet

Synonyms for Reaction

En route–one word or two

Wait, wait, wait (12 hours later) En route–is that one word or two? *headslap*

I tried to find a word meaning: knowing the time something will take/estimating the time a task will take (Irony: I spent a lot of time at this–and I never found the word–I may have even spent more time than I’d anticipated….)

Trap door–one word or two

Googled self-duplicitious (I felt like this was a word. Google disagreed.)

Googled self-duplicity (Ohhh right.)

Googled how to hyphenate fixin’ to

Googled to find a word meaning: gets in the way

Synonym for Obstructs

Middleman–one word or two

Googled Binary Numbers

Wiki Binary Numbers

Googled swinging *sighs* I meant to look for a synonym…this went…awry at first, but I got back on track:

Synonym for swinging

Synonym for shake off

Googled Southern expressions

Googled As Jealous As a

Googled Jealous idioms

Googled Woman in White

Googled Urban Legends Women Ghosts

Watched a few Woman in White and Urban Legend videos (Can’t sleep or the clown will eat me.)

This was an interesting Urban Legend video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ThQcXnW2g4

Googled Chevy vs. Ford

Googled Chevy cars

Went and designed my own Impala on the Chevy website (Research is important, people!!!) (It was pretty.)

Google-Mapped Tennessee

Wiki Tennessee sports teams

Wiki Memphis Grizzlies

Wiki Memphis Tennessee

Googled Horn Honk Songs

Googled General Lee Dixie http://www.wolo-mfg.com/003a-stereo.wav  (Oh, go listen…you know you want to!)

Tennessee Sunrise and Sunset

Images of Tennessee forests

Googled what trees grow in a Tennessee forest?

Googled Oak trees

Googled How do you identify Poison Ivy

Googled Leaves of three, let it be

Googled how to hyphenate I’mma (I’mma let you finish reading this…)

Googled How long does it take for bones to decay?

Googled If bones are exposed how fast do they decay?

Googled If bones are outside how fast do they decay? (And there’s your Watchlist right there.)

Old-fashioned terms of endearment (No need to segue with Google.)

List of terms of endearment

Googled That makes as much sense as (looking for sayings here)

Googled When do the leaves change color in Tennessee?

Googled Puppies born breech

Imdb Monster’s University looking for a last name for a character


And there you go. Good times, people. Goooooood times. By the way, if you went to that Wiki site after I WARNED you… *tsks* Shame on you. (By the way, most elementary schools don’t block Wikipedia…and…yeah…) (Oh, and, yes, your eyes do dilate when you’re aroused. I do these things for you, people…for you.)

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  1. Jaime (Spider-Jaime) says:

    Laughing so hard I’m tearing up. I had to read it to my husband. He laughed too. We both listened to the General Lee horn honk and my kids went “what in the world was that?” When I read in your story the bones were grey I thought to myself…”Wendy would know, I bet she spent a lot of research on that.”

    I even added to my weird Google history just writing this message. I had to see if tearing up (teary eyes) and tearing up (a piece of paper) were really spelled the exact same way. They are! What is wrong with the English language!?

    Your history lists are my favorite, don’t ever stop.

    • GAAAH! I hate those words! wind/wind, wound/wound, tear/tear—WHY??? Sometimes I find a different word even if the context makes it obvious–just on principle. (Because I’m weird.)

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