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The Teacher’s Vet Cover -Ebook

You remember how I told you that my publisher and I were struggling to come up with a non-erotica title for a novella? This would be the one. It’s been Teacher’s Pet for two years…until my poor, now-bleached-eyed publisher navigated through all the other books with that name or the word Teacher in them.

If you’d like to be taught a thing about naughty things…no, don’t do it! You’re too young! Don’t search for “Teacher” titles!

Then, my husband and also my friend Jay (who are two separate people, by the way) came up with this title at the same time. It was eerie.

This is my first e-published work with Cerridwyn and their first also, but I knew one of the editors and asked if they’d consider putting this novella out in time for back-to-school “season.” They were excited, and it’s been fun being a player in some of the decisions. They asked for my input on the cover, and I gave it…and they took my idea and one-upped it. Here is Cerridwyn’s website if you’d like to check them out: YAY! CERRIDWYN

I adore this cover. I just want to smoosh-hug it. It fits what my publisher is calling the “spicy sweet” read.

I can’t believe it’s out next week. Crazy pants. I’ll shout all about it when it’s actually in stores. (It’s ebook only, by the way, due to it being a novella.) Then, I’ll beg all of you–with shiny, shiny, pathetically hopeful eyes–to shout about it…and then I’ll hold a separate giveaway with something I’ve commissioned just for this ebook.

So, here it is:


DUE OUT 8/29

The Teacher's Vet Coverbox



Normally, nothing about the first week of school is life or death, but Mr. Wibbley doesn’t look right, even for a turtle. Having one of the students’ parents be a veterinarian seems like kismet to substitute teacher Nora Pike—having him be single and the small town’s most eligible bachelor much less so. Navigating the drama of the substitute teaching pool is hard enough without all the single staff despising her.

Maybe once Mollie is in college, Caleb Bates, DVM can ease up and date again. Until then, he has his practice and his kindergartener, and that’s all he needs. That and to burn all the perfumed invitations to the PTA. Until Nora Pike enters his life—tall, intelligent, gorgeous, and pissed-off when he immediately dismisses her as using a sick class pet to get his attention. She’s disinterested. He’s intrigued. She’s not about to fall for the local vet—even if he is funny and sexy, and not even when he needs help overnight with a dog about to have puppies.

It’s just to help him. That’s all.

If the small-minded single women of Tall Pines find out their Most Wanted is taken, Nora may never substitute teach in the town again. Since the Garden and Eve, never has temptation looked as sweet as a guy with access to puppies and with a daughter who wants a mom just like Nora.


This novella will go live on August 27th on Smashwords and Cerridwyn’s site. August 29th at most retailers .

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  1. Joel says:

    Hey, What is this “At the same time” nonsense I am pretty sure I beat Jay to the title by at least 5 minutes!

    • That’s only because I was cleaning up Wendy’s search history to keep her off the NSA’s radar. Interpol had already narrowed her location to the greater Seattle area by the time I intervened.

      Keep her out of Boise for a week or two.


  2. Wendy, you know I’ll shout loud and long about it—or until my kids tell me to shut up. 😉 (BTW, that Boise thing? I’d steer clear if the entire Northwest. Go somewhere innocuous like, say Deluth. Nothing ever happens in Deluth.)

  3. You guys are all so awesome. I heart you. Well, clearly, I might heart one of you more than others…but it’s close…so close.

  4. We are beyond excited as well! I have butterflies knowing it goes live in less than 48 hours.

  5. Sinda slable says:

    Just read your book and enjoyed it very much! Good job!

    • Thank you, Sinda. *hugs* It means a lot that you stopped in to tell me. I’m guessing you got it on Smashwords? I’ll have a giveaway running with a blog hop next week–stop by and enter and I’ll cross my fingers that you win. (Though I will uncross them periodically to type.)

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