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Paranormal Serial Contest Winner!




So, I put off drawing a winner until this morning because I had to add in some entries from various places. (I love Rafflecopter for that.)

I always get nervous when I have it pick a winner. I worry it’ll pick someone random who secretly hates me and this is all part of a greater plot. Bwahahahaha! (Yeah, I know, it’s related to my OCD.)

But, luckily, it didn’t…I don’t think. *eyeballs winner* (If this is a secret agenda–oh she’s good–she’s very good.) It picked entry #64. *winces* I know…so very, very even, and its square root is 8. Entry #64 was a tweet about the contest done by… *drumroll*


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Suzanne kept picking the same name in her comments but I’m keeping her final choice a secret until part 13 is out. And, you never know, she might go all WILD CARD and pick a different name!

The three other winners–Heather, Christine (MommySaidThis), and Kristina–are for two gifted ebooks from Amazon. (I mentioned it in the original giveaway.) They can either choose Frosted and The Teacher’s Vet or wait until the end of October when I may have…three more ebooks out. (Wow, that’s insane.)

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  1. MommySaidThis says:

    Yaaay!now I’m going to have to go through the comments to see what Suzanne wants to name her. If I remember correctly there was someone else who had the same idea I did. We shall see. I’ll be waiting to claim my ebooks until your new ones come out. I already have your other two, of course! Thanks for the contest Wendy! I can’t wait for the last part of the serial! Come on October 18th!

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