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Watchlist Wednesday V

The Spark


It’s been a while since I’ve done this and these searches are more scattered than normal because I’ve been working on all sorts of projects lately. These aren’t quite as freaky as previous ones, though.


Ready to go down the rabbit hole?

*gives you a string to hold*

Whatever you do…don’t let go of that string!

*you drop and immediately let go*




Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar (I know…this has been on every Watchlist Post–I have a gnat’s memory)

Definition of salacious

Definition of prurient

Definition of chary

Etymology of the phrase greasing palms

Definition of scoundrel

Synonym for suspicious

Googles destruction equipment for renovation

Googles destruction equipment old houses

How to take down old walls

Renovating old walls

How to knock down a wall (See the escalation of violence here as I can’t find what I’m looking for.)

Googles equipment destruction wall mallet crowbar (AND THERE WE GO!) (I’m taking that wall down!)

And on a completely different subject….

Head over heels–hyphenated or not? (Not, by the way)

Definition of supercilious

Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar

Symptoms of ADD/ADHD in women (then I went to symptom pages) (My MC in the serial has ADHD.)

-Difficulty falling asleep

-Difficulty sitting still

-Poor sense of time

-Spending time ruminating

-Difficulty making decisions

Then, I went and looked at puppy pictures. *coughs* I just…you can’t make up this stuff.

Ooooo! Puppies!  Puppy Family Photos 

Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar

Then, I had HORDES of searches to see why my synchronous scrolling wasn’t working in Word…and I was able to fix it.

Then, I made the mistake of Googling myself. *sighs* Which I will never, ever do again. I’ll let my husband Google me. It’s like eavesdropping…eventually you’ll stumble across bad reviews.

Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar

Wait…I know I just looked that up, but…. Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar… again. (I consider making it my home page.)

Looked up susceptibility (I was unable to spell it close enough that Word could figure out what I was trying to spell.) (*shuffles feet*) (Your public school dollars at work.)

Planting Calendar for Iowa

Then, I went and looked at full moon and graveyard photos on a stock photo site. *scrolling, scrolling, scrolling* For a very long time. Stock photo sites are like crack, I swear.

Then, I stumbled across the Bulwer-Lytton (worst created opening sentence contest) winners for 2013. Click Here.

Jazz capitalized or not? (Not–unless it’s a team or the name of a band)

Looked up how to spell gravelly

Doberman–capitalized or not? (Capitalized.)

What the word “fek” means in Esperanto. (Thanks, Sarah.)

Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar

(2 minutes later) Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar

(1 minute later–to confirm) Googles Full Moon in October 2013

Cell phone–one word or two?

EEG on lab rats

Images of EEG on lab rats

EEG recording on lab rats with a focus on epilepsy

Definition of Fiend (You fiend!)

How to spell FreeCell

Correct grammar for “Neither of them were/was”

How many “na”s are there in the Batman theme song? (Don’t judge me. I tried counting it SO MANY TIMES.)

Caller ID or Caller I.D.

How to hyphenate Spider-Man (My sister despairs of me for this–I get it wrong every time. That would be my sister @SpiderJaime on Twitter.) (If you listen closely, you can hear her weeping that I’ve publicized this secret shame.)

Reverse engineering–hyphen or no?

Farmer’s Almanac Full Moon Calendar (and we end full circle.)


So, hey, since none of these are quite as Watchlist worthy as normal…I feel like I need to make it up to you. First person to count how many times I looked up the Farmer’s Almanac and put it in the comments below will win an ebook copy of The Teacher’s Vet for them or a friend. Goooooooooo!

7 Responses so far.

  1. Melody May says:

    I counted 8, but if you are also counting the comment question then it would be 9. There is my answer.

    • You are so freaking clever…I didn’t even consider counting the comment question one! *high-fives* Also, I had to go back and recount because I’d counted 7. *headslap* This! This is why I have an agent–so, she can do the math.

      Hey, send me an email address on Twitter that I can send it to…and is from Amazon okay or do you use something else as an ereader? (DM me on both)

  2. Jaime (Spider-Jaime) says:

    Admitting you have a problem spelling Spider-Man, is the first step…but this watchlist is the first time I’ve seen you spell it right! (Clouds part…heavenly choir sings) Yay!! Oh shoot…sometimes that’s the only correction I find…What does she need me for now?!? (weeps)

    • LOL. I’m doing a revision of something else and I ran across another Spiderman. *headslap* Hello, my name is Wendy, and I spell Spider-Man wrong every time. Actually, I worked out a cheat to remember it. The dash is a web between the two proper nouns. *thumbs up*

      • Jaime (Spider-Jaime) says:

        Very clever! And don’t worry if you get the urge to spell it wrong you can call me day or night and we’ll talk you through it. You can beat this! 😉

  3. Depending on the day, your Watchlist is either much better or much worse than mine. What can I say? Oh, and good that Melody counted the comment question to make it 9 times the Farmer’s Almanac was mentioned. Always needs to be odd with you, doesn’t it? 😉

    • I know, right? I totally thought it was seven…when I counted…it was seven…and then I recounted and it was eight. In retrospect, It’s maybe not so shocking that I have to keep looking at that website when I can’t count as high as eight. *headslap*

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