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Crazy Contest Week



So, there’s one more week left in the contest and since so many of you want and need a Bite Me hat, I figured I’d give you guys the chance to double your chances. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve put out a crazy amount of books lately…and getting that many books noticed is hard. One place that I feel like I just can’t get any traction is at Goodreads. And I’m burning out…I’m tired…and doing this alone is hard. I need help.

If all of my books that are on Goodreads get above 33 adds on “To Read” shelves during this week, then I’ll draw two names for a Bite Me hat, a giftcard, and an ebook. Two hats. Two giftcards. Two ebooks. Also, you’ll get entries on Rafflecopter for each add.

(If Rafflecopter is being stingy on this, give me the heads up in the comments, and I’ll manually add them.)

If you’ve read any of my books, I’d love you forever if you posted a review…an honest review on Goodreads or on Amazon or wherever. Reviews good or bad can actually sell more books than almost any type of promotion an author can do. Authors depend on reviews — readers and writers have a very codependent relationship in that.

Here are links to all my books on Goodreads:



Tally 10/19:  213 (Goal Met)


Tally 10/19:  30 (So close)



Tally 10/19:  10 (sighs)



Tally 10/19: 6 (winces)


Tally 10/19: 10 (Hmm)


Be sure to give yourself credit in my contest:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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15 Responses so far.

  1. Melody May says:

    Wow! We’re down to the wire. I just hope the rafflecopter gods love me. Otherwise I might have to bite someone. Lol j/k.

    • I know, right? I started this contest in September, and it seemed like there was all the time in the world. I should order a second hat…because even if I don’t give a second one out–I can keep it!!! Yay! *happy hat dance*

  2. Sarah says:

    Is it 33 adds total or 33 adds per book? I need to know these things!

  3. Talia says:

    I’m enjoying “How to Bring Your Love Life from the Dead.” Yay!

  4. Donna Murphy says:

    I just recently “discovered” you. Can’t wait to read some of your books. Really love the blurbs I’ve seen so far!!!

  5. Laura says:

    SInce my email is mnmbiteme i really want the hat

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  7. Hollie Rieth says:

    LOVE the hat!! please put me in “the hat”..lol…drawing..

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