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Last Ditch Bite Me Contest Entries!

You’re running out of time to bite me….

*sniffs* I’ll be soooo over that in less than two days.

You know you want this Bite Me hat:




So, I offered to double your chances and throw in a second grand prize here: Crazy Contest Week. But you guys are running out of time, so I’m tossing in a second way to win.

Most of you probably know that even numbers make me twitchy (WHY MUST THEY EXIST) and my Facebook “Likes” for my author page is on an even hundred and looks to be there for a while. Get me over 301, and I’ll throw a second hat into the ring.



But the clock is ticking, peeps…tick tock tick tock…. So, invite your friends and do it fast.


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5 Responses so far.

  1. Wendy Sparrow can just bite me.
    Hat looks awesome I want it. Fun contest

  2. Finally entering!! Sorry so late, I had to wait until I was on my laptop

  3. Melody May says:

    I hope it picks me. I hope it does. 😉

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