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This is the last night–the last moon before I put the 13th part of my serial on here. One last moon before you find out the name of my narrator. One last moon before you find out how things end between ________ and Tiberius. (Hah! You thought I’d mess that up, huh?)




*raises eyebrows* Or is it?

If you hadn’t heard me screaming it across the social media world…I totally cheated and released it in ebook early along with a bonus story Unmatched Grace that others have said is their favorite. It’s called A Little Moon Madness since they’re both full moon and shifter stories. It also went through a heavy editing process with Cerridwyn–and I’m not planning on updating the serial on my site at this point.

So, what do you think? Do you want to cheat?

I thought you might.


cerridwyn-buy-button bnbuy


If you do read this or any of my other books, I would deeply appreciate a review. Seriously. A single review can sell upwards of ten copies on average according to someone I spoke to in the industry.  If you write a review, even if it’s just your favorite line in the story and whether you’ll recommend it or read more by the author…you’ve just put money in their pocket. Do it! Authors will love you for it.


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  1. I swear rafflecopter hates me. I’ve been stuck on 16 entries for days. Even though I keep commenting. :^(

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