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Speaking with Spooks while Dating the Departed

  So, you want to date an apparition? There’s no judgement here, but there are a few things taken as insults among those of the spectral persuasion. There are things you should absolutely not say on a date with a spirit.   Nineteen Sentences That’ll Sending Them Poltergeisting 1. Don’t feed me a line, I can see right through you. […]

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An Undead Love Life – Zombie Pick-up Lines

  In honor of How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead I thought I’d share some zombie pick-up lines. Of course, we need to establish whether you can use this on your potential zombie mate or from one zombie to a brainy…   Zombie to non-zombie: How about we go somewhere else…and dinner’s on you? I just love […]

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How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead!

COVER AND BLURB REVEAL!!!       Three stories of finding love in time for Halloween: “How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead in Ten Easy Steps” When her online dating profile attracts a man with an imaginary friend and a man who made clothing out of human hair, Lauren is desperate. She turns to an advice […]

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