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Ana and the Apparition Excerpt

Here’s the beginning of Ana and the Apparition which is the second novella in How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead:



Ana and the Apparition

The creak was just that of an old building. That was all. The building was over one hundred years old. Even renovations most likely left the bones of the library the same. Bones creaked. Old buildings settled. They made noises. The quiet of the old “Franklin Collection” room at the back of the library made the creaking seem spooky.

Analise shifted to look around, and the desk lamp played with her shadow and bounced it around, making her jump. The moonlight filtering through the high windows wasn’t helping. It was enough light to see by, but not enough to dispel the shadows that seemed to move in her periphery, and it cast an eerie blue tint on everything.

She and Jenny had discussed researching the spooky history of old buildings in the area. Jenny was hoping for ghosts. Hah! Like Seaside had any ghosts. It had been much funnier before Ana stepped inside one of the oldest buildings in the city.

It was not haunted.

She didn’t believe in ghosts.

At all.

She refocused on the book in front of her. This was the best time for research. The very best time. Concentrate. She rolled her eyes. She’d read the same sentence in the book five times. Five times. She was in her twenties—not teens. And she most definitely didn’t believe in ghosts. Putting her finger under the small print, she wedged it into her memory this time. She was going to remember that one statistic from the Civil War if it killed her.

The floorboard in the book stacks creaked again. She ignored it. This was how rumors started after all. Someone heard a noise in an old building, which had a backroom that few visited, and it had to be a ghost. There was no logical explanation after all. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she shook her head. She could do this. Being the great, great granddaughter of one of the original patrons was only good for so many nights after-hours. She couldn’t jump at shadows.

She needed to get the information and get back to writing the dialogue for Jenny’s Haunted History tour. Jenny wanted “juicy” stories for it. As Ana was a co-owner in “Living History Tours” and much better at research, not to mention she had the Franklin family connections, she was the logical choice to be here.

Logical—as in a decision not based on emotions or fear…or a creaking floorboard that had just creaked again.

Pushing to her feet, she strode through the small room to the stacks where the noise was coming from. “Ana, you’re being ridiculous. This is stupid and silly and irrational.” And she turned the corner in time to see a vapory form of a man look up from a book he was reading and regard her with one raised eyebrow. Was it just her—or was everything all warm and tight and black?

Ana fell in a faint that the ghost of Shane Blythe dove to catch.


Copyright © 2013 by Wendy Sparrow


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