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Teaser – All Bets Are Off



After Halloween, How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead AND A Little Moon Madness both go off sale. *stares* I sense you’ve been holding off buying…for yourself or for a friend…or a friend’s friend…the psychic channel is a little foggy. Don’t! You’re out of time! Go buy now! Oh…you need incentive? Okay, fine.

Here’s an excerpt from All Bets Are Off–the last novella in How to Bring Your Love Life Back from the Dead. It’s from Clay’s point-of-view, and he’s FINALLY convinced Cory to finish off a bet to stay in a haunted house which is a bet they’d made ten years ago when they were seventeen:


“Okay.” She sounded so adorably suspicious…and not at all suspicious of the right things. “So, what time?”

“Seven to seven. Same time as before. Only this time, you won’t have to tell your folks you’re staying the night at a friend’s.”

She clicked her tongue and looked away. “They would never have believed that.”

Okay, maybe he hadn’t thought that through. She wasn’t a sleepover type of girl in high school. Actually, his mom might have been right when he’d finally told her a few weeks back about what he’d done ten years ago…it might have been the dumbest idea he’d ever had.

But he was a seventeen year old boy.

And she was Cory.

She made him blind, dumb, and stupid.

“Okay, new terms means we have to shake on it again, right?” She squared her shoulders and turned to him with her hand out.

“Duck, we’re adults, not kids.” He moved her hand away, leaned in, and kissed her. For their first kiss, it wasn’t bad—even if he kept it short so she wouldn’t back out of that night. When he pulled back, she kept her eyes closed for an extra second before she opened them, looking stunned. He’d wanted to put that look on her face since she’d turned twelve. He got to his feet, grabbing her book as he did. He was taking hostages this time. Though, if she didn’t show, he was going to go collect her. “Seven o’clock. Don’t be a chicken,” he called over his shoulder as he walked away.

She pegged him in the back of the head with a pinecone.


Copyright © 2013 by Wendy Sparrow


If you’ve never gotten into novellas, you’re missing out. Novellas are the perfect guilty pleasure. You can read a complete happily-ever-after during a load of laundry, while you’re on break, after midnight when you should be getting to bed. You’re not late for things. It doesn’t take up all your day. And, best of all, no book hangover. (Don’t lie and say you’ve never had a book hangover–because any true book lover has had those.)

Try it. Novellas are addicting. Especially holiday novellas. You’re in the mood for the holiday and you can still get ready for the occasion.  Doooooooo it. You can start by clicking on the covers to the right. Oh, hey, look! There they are! 😉

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