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When Monday Doesn’t Bite




So, for one winner and five runner-ups today didn’t suck…well, it may have but at least this might have stopped it from completely biting.


I could stall…and say stuff…words…things…so you’d get that heightened anticipation, but I’m not going to do that….


I’m not going to do that at all.




Because I’m too classy for that.


Yep. I’m too classy to stall.


Actually, you’re probably not even reading this. You probably scrolled down and then swore and threw your laptop/computer/tablet/phone out the window in an appalling act of defenestration.


If you did that…well, hopefully you’ve gone and retrieved your electronic device so you can read that I have another giveaway coming up shortly. If you skipped around my Amazon or Goodreads profile, you probably saw I have a novella (A Flirt) coming out in November. I’ve just picked out the prize for that and it is AWWWWWESOME. If you didn’t win, that just means I won’t disqualify you from winning the NEXT GRAND PRIZE.


Okay, enough stalling.




The winner of the grandprize is Melody–and, just like my last contest, the winner was also the person who entered the most. Her winning entry was #745 and it was a tweet about the giveaway.

I also picked some runner-ups because there were so many entries. The runner-ups are getting their choice of one of my ebooks.  Congratulations to all of you.


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  1. Why, Rafflecopter, you tricky little devil…you changed all the entry numbers. I swear, people, I wasn’t making the entry 745 just because it’s an odd number. It says 745 on my contest listing. *tsks Rafflecopter* Thanks for making it awkward, Rafflecopter.

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