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Don’t Say I Never Share My Pollen

Mostly…because that’s a weird thing to say…who says things like that?

But, also, the lucky winner of the earrings and necklace:





was Marnie S.

And the winner of the gift card was Carson M.


Did you like this giveaway? I liked this giveaway. I liked this giveaway so much that I might order another necklace and give it away the end of July…just so I can hang it in front of me and taunt it. “NOT SO TOUGH NOW, POLLEN, ARE YOU?” What would you think of that? Anyone interested in a second chance at grabbing a handful of pollen? Hmm…I’ll wait to see what you say. In the meantime, congrats, Marnie and Carson. My Twitter and FB friends may despise you about now, but you’ll always be winners in my heart. 😉

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  1. mishqueen says:

    I don’t despise them, I despise you.
    (p.s. Are you going to yoga today? I miss you!)

    • Well, that’s weird. I thought I responded to this, but maybe that was on FB.

      I can’t believe you’d bring up missing yoga–Mrs. I-only-go-to-yoga-when-I-feel-like-it. (P.S. Hyphenating your name was a bad call.) I’d never miss yoga! Never!

      Other than the times when I do.

  2. Talia says:

    Sulk… And after all my attempts to get people NOT to enter so I could win.

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