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OCD Awareness Posts



The second week in October was Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Awareness week and I did a post on OCD Monday through Friday each day.  If you’ve missed my OCD posts:

OCD and Dark Thoughts

OCD and Cutting

OCD and Agoraphobia

OCD and Medication

OCD and the Real Me

OCD and Going Mad

OCD and Superstition

OCD and Suicide

OCD and Insomnia

Pure-O -My type of OCD

OCD and Comorbid Conditions

OCD and Therapy

The Genetics of OCD (including my experiences with childhood OCD and symptoms)

OCD and the Sensory System

There’s some overlap in the topics for the record in regards to the condition itself and my experience with it…and that will continue. If you read them all at once, you’ll be all, “Whoa! Wendy! Enough about that part of your life!” but my memory sucks and not everyone reads them all at once. Actually, it’s crazy to realize there’s so many posts. I bleed out my fingers and my eyes whenever I post one of those. I hate posting things that personal…even as I’m driven to post them so people will understand. I have a widget that reposts my blog posts just for these posts…because if it was up to me, I’d post them once and then run and hide. Feel free to comment on even older posts because I do see all comments and usually respond.

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  1. Blessings upon you, Wendy, both for gathering the links to your previous OCD posts and putting them in one place, and for exposing yourself even more over this coming week so the rest of us can understand OCD a little better. You rock.

  2. mamafog says:

    Thanks for educating us with your personal experience with OCD. I’m sure these posts will help spread awareness and help others feel less alone.

  3. Ron says:

    You are a good person Wendy. and a damn brave one at that

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