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Pure-O OCD and Me

Pure-O is sexier-sounding than it is. Seriously. It is. It sounds like a street drug to me. By the way, I’ve been thinking of getting a shirt that says, “I have OCD. I do drugs not hugs,” but I’ve been worried people might not find it funny…   Anyway, Pure-O, or Primarily Obsessional OCD, or Purely Obsessional OCD, or OCD […]

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Villains – Bad to the Bone…Sorta

  I love a good villain. There. I said it. And I hate bad villains. Oh, not villains that are very villainous–I mean I hate villains who miss the mark. Villains who, when you get to the end of a story, are easy to overcome. The villains who fail to be a foil to the hero. (A hero is only […]

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OCD and Insomnia

    (The picture above is one of my nights via the Jawbone Up tracking bracelet I wear. Look! I was in bed for eight hours! How fantastic is that?) The term night-owl sounds so much better than raging insomniac, but I suspect the former implies we have a choice. I know I’ve brought up insomnia in previous posts, but […]

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