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A Bad Case of Book Burnout

  Oh c’mon. We’ve all gone through it. And, believe me, it blows. When reading fails you, it’s a dark day indeed. There are a few types of book burnout and thus different methods of solving them. Here are the primary types of book burnout: 1. Singular Book Burnout Diagnosis: You’re halfway through the book you’re reading…and you’re still halfway…and…wow…are […]

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Out of Line – Free Story

  Been a while since I posted a free story. Here’s a contemporary romance short for you.           Out of Line   All they ever did was fight. The world seemed to enjoy that. They ate it up week after week. As Lawrence stared down at the script with another scene of him and Chelsie arguing […]

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Reader Confessions- Autobuy Authors

  Every so often, I run across an author that I can buy without worrying about whether I’ll like the book or not. The one-click-buy is nearly reflexive. Sure, there are a few slips from grace that you excuse by saying “it’s like it was written by someone else” and then you go on snatching up their books like hotcakes. […]

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Most Memorable Books of 2014

Many of you know that I have an atrocious memory. It’s partly due to my OCD meds and partly due to my chronic insomnia. It’s also the reason I keep a separate doc file of books I’ve read so that I’m not rereading lame books all the time. This year I read enough books (467–see the list) that they all […]

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Titles I read in 2014

  When I say I’m an avid reader, I’m not kidding. Luckily, I also read fast…and never sleep. I tend to have comfort genres and while, most years, I try for more variety–this year I let myself get away with just reading what I felt like reading. I’m posting the list, but only showing the ratings on books over four […]

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