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Reader Confessions- Autobuy Authors



Every so often, I run across an author that I can buy without worrying about whether I’ll like the book or not. The one-click-buy is nearly reflexive. Sure, there are a few slips from grace that you excuse by saying “it’s like it was written by someone else” and then you go on snatching up their books like hotcakes. Mmm. Hotcakes.

Since I just finished a binge read of one such author, I thought I’d throw out a list of a few of my autobuy authors.

1. Dana Marton writes primarily romantic suspense and she’s the one who inspired this post. I recommend Camouflage Heart, Spy Hard, and My Spy by her.

2. Jana DeLeon writes some mysteries but primarily romantic suspense. I recommend The Secrets of Cypriere Bayou and her Mystere Parish books.

3. Leslie Kelly is a little more varied when it comes to genre and she also writes sometimes as Leslie Parrish. Contemporary romance, suspense, and paranormal suspense are the genres you’ll find her in. I recommend Trick Me, Treat Me, She Drives Me Crazy, the Black Cats series, and Cold Sight.

4. HelenKay Dimon has books that range in genre too. I’ve only read her romantic suspense, but I love the humor in her books. Check out Switched and When She Wasn’t Looking.

5. Kait Nolan is a friend–and I often autobuy friends, but her Wishful series of books is a lot of fun. I love the small-town charm of her books and the Meet Cutes are a great way to cheer up a day in a short amount of time.

6. Rachel Grant was a new to me author last year and I blew through what little backlist she had. I strongly recommend her suspense books, Concrete Evidence and Body of Evidence.

7. Nina Bruhns can get a little steamy in her books, but I love her New Orleans series that starts with Catch Me if You Can.

8. Agatha Christie–I know, she looks odd on this list, but I devour her Poirot books. My favorites of hers are The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, And Then There Were None, and the ABC Murders.

9. Elizabeth Hoyt can do no wrong. Okay, she probably can, but I love her historical romance. I recommend The Leopard Prince and To Beguile a Beast–great flawed characters.

10. Joan Smith is on the other end of the spectrum for content in historical romance. Typically tame enough to share with a teenager, her books have a classic appeal. I recommend Regency Masquerade, Endure My Heart, Winter Wedding, and Strange Capers.

These aren’t all my autobuy authors–just ten of them who come to mind. I do also binge read and autobuy authors like Sue London, Lynsay Sands, Julia Quinn, Caroline Linden, Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, Heather Graham, Melissa Cutler, Delores Fossen, Elle James, Julie Miller, and Dani Sinclair. If you’d like recommendations for any of them–hit me up in the comments.

Okay, who are YOUR autobuy authors?

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  1. Christine Maria Rose says:

    HI Wendy! My autobuy authors right now are Elizabeth Hoyt as well, Joanna Bourne, Laura Florand, Ruthie Knox, Julie James, and Cara McKenna. They’ve never let me down.

    • OHHHHH. How could I have missed Joanna Bourne and Ruthie Knox? Dude, Ruthie Knox’s Ride With Me is just about the most original and awesome contemporary romance I’ve ever read. And I’ve recommended Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady over and over. I don’t think I’ve read anything by Laura Florand, Cara McKenna, or Julie James so I’ll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!

      • Christine Maria Rose says:

        Wasn’t Ride With Me great? I have the quote from her book on my goodreads quotes:

        “Please, Tom. You can’t ride your bicycle across the country alone. It’s insane. You’ll end up being slaughtered by a serial killer.”
        “Taryn, I’m thiry-five, single, tattooed, and antisocial. I’M the serial killer.”

        It was my first from her and now I’ve read everything else Ruthie has written. And The Spymaster’s Lady by Joanna Bourne is the book that got me back into reading romances 3 years ago after several years of only reading fantasy and espionage thrillers (so because of her I found you!).

        Laura Florand writes the most delicious stories about chocolatiers in Paris in her Amour et Chocolat series (The Chocolate Kiss and the Chocolate Touch are my favourites of the 6 in that set); and she is starting her La Vie En Rose series this year which is kind of a spin off with a perfumerie family in Provence. She uses all her senses in her writing. I love them so much I have them in paperback, digital AND audio!

        Cara McKenna writes really original steamy romances with characters and settings that are unusual and unique. For example, After Hours is set with the backdrop of a psychiatric hospital and Hard time is a prison setting. She also write HQN as Meg Maguire, and I enjoy those ones too.

        Julie James would appeal to someone who likes Jill Shalvis, Shannon Stacey etc. She writes a fun FBI/Attorney series of romances – It Happens One Wedding was released last summer and has the best meet cute I’ve read so far.

        I hope you’ll check these out, I think you’ll really enjoy them!

        • I SWEAR that I marked that same quote in Ride with Me. I need to reread that.

          That’s why I recognized Laura Florand! I have samples of her stuff in my Kindle to check into further. I’ll have to get some.

          I’ll snap up After Hours and some of the Julie James books too. It sounds like we have similar taste in contemps. 😀 Which is to say you have good taste.

  2. I’m not sure I have any autobuy authors right now, beyond the authorfriends who I want to support, which is maybe not the same. Maybe Roni Loren and Stephanie Perkins? But even with Authors I love or series I love I’m very particular about when and how I buy, and I think I’m more of a “I love this series” than “I love this author” kind of a reader. Often times, I feel like even if I loved a series by an author, I don’t necessarily love the other books outside of that series, so I’m cautious about branching out.

    I guess I’m just a little weird!

    • Okay, so I don’t know that any author is as knee jerk buy for me as I suggested. I still read blurbs. I’m binge reading my way through a Cynthia Eden series and I’m skipping any books with a “second chance”/”big misunderstanding” trope because I’m officially burnt out on those tropes. But, I still suspect I’m a little more obsessive and I buy more books than you do. My obsessive side accounts for the binges I go on. *sighs*

      I don’t think you’re as far outside the norm as you think. You might even be more typical…especially since people are reading less and funneling their disposable income elsewhere–they’re being more discerning about what they do buy.

  3. Talia says:

    Have you read Valerie by Joan Smith? It’s one of my favorites.

    I autobuy Courtney MIlan, Lindsay Buroker, Becca Andre, and Ruby LIonsdrake.

    • I have. I binge read Joan Smith last year. Here’s the ones I read and what I thought… *hint–tell me if I missed any good ones that you know of*

      1. The Waltzing Widow by Joan Smith (RR—from teenage years) ****1/2
      2. Strange Capers by Joan Smith (RR—from teenage years) *****
      3. Valerie by Joan Smith (RR—from teenage years) ****
      4. Cousin Cecilia by Joan Smith ****
      5. Moon Love by Joan Smith ****
      6. Winter Wedding by Joan Smith *****x1000
      7. Escapade by Joan Smith ****1/2
      8. Endure My Heart by Joan Smith *****
      9. Gather Ye Rosebuds by Joan Smith ****
      10. The Black Diamond by Joan Smith ****
      11. Lace for Milady by Joan Smith *****
      12. Rose Trelawney by Joan Smith ****
      13. Tea and Scandal by Joan Smith ****
      14. A Highwayman Came Riding by Joan Smith ****1/2
      15. Drury Lane Darling by Joan Smith ****
      16. The Barefoot Baroness by Joan Smith ****
      17. A Country Wooing by Joan Smith **** (RR from teenage years)
      18. Talk of the Town by Joan Smith ***1/2
      19. Lovers’ Quarrels by Joan Smith ***1/2
      20. Silken Secrets by Joan Smith ****1/2
      21. Perdita by Joan Smith ***1/2
      22. Prelude to Love by Joan Smith ****
      23. Aunt Sophie’s Diamonds by Joan Smith *****
      24. Imprudent Lady by Joan Smith ***
      25. Regency Masquerade by Joan Smith *****
      26. A Kiss in the Dark by Joan Smith ***

  4. Kait Nolan says:

    Awww, thank you! You’re on my autobuy list too!

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