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Winning So Hard…

…it hurts.

Yep! It’s time to post the winners!












Yes, you!




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Raeline won the necklace and Melody won the $10 Amazon gift card.

I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking, “Wendy, I’m mesmerized by that gladiator’s golden nipples.” I know. I couldn’t look away at first either. I found myself thinking, “Why? Who chose to put them so high up and make them so distinct?” We may never know. At first, I thought of them as brass and it sounded like a nice pseudo-swear. “Holy brass nipples, Batman!”

You’re also thinking, “But, Wendy, I didn’t win.” *sighs* I wasn’t going to rub that in, but since you brought it up…I can only say, “Dude! I have giveaways all the time! Booyah!” And it’s your responsibility to make them end on an odd number. *gestures* What the heck, guys? You had one job! But that’s okay. It’s okay. With therapy and meds, I should be over that soon.

I haven’t decided what I’m giving away next but it’ll be off the hook, yo. So, do me a favor and subscribe to my blog so I don’t have to chase you down and let you know about the next giveaway. And then, maybe next time, you too can have some weird clip art signifying you won.

We can’t all be winners, but I think we can all agree that golden nipples are a bad choice for every day wear. So, please, choose your armor responsibly and, also, subscribe to my blog.

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  1. grandmatina says:

    Congrats to the winners.. they (the nipples) are a little high to be called nipples!! Lol

    • I know, right? Maybe I’m a stickler, but if that’d been me, I’d have raised my hand and asked, “So, are my nipples supposed to be in the nipple holders because they ain’t even close?” And it’s not even because I’m 38. The six pack doesn’t line up either. And it bugs me. It bugs me a whole lot.

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