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First 1000 words of Keeping Time

  Ruin hated the years he ended up in the hospital on New Year’s Eve. It should be easier to take the life of someone who was already dying, but being surrounded by others just waiting their turn seemed like a cruel trick the Fates played on him. It reiterated that Ruin wasn’t a benevolent helper every day of the […]

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First 1000 Words of Taking Time

  Bored. “Bored. Bored. Bored.” And he had no confidence whatsoever that tonight would alleviate his condition. Tempus glanced around him at the mortals getting drunker and less interesting by the second. Why squander minutes, let alone hours, in this condition when both were numbered? Especially if you were Joseph Toulouse, age fifty-nine, in the ballroom of this quaint little […]

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