Servants of Fate Boxed Set

Each of the romances in the Servants of Fate series follows one of the sons of Father Time. They’ve lived among but apart from mortals. Each year, the Fates demand a sacrifice of the brothers–one mortal’s days for gifted time of a changed fate to the rest of humanity. Each of the guys in these books are quirky and charming in their own ways. Their mortal women are independent and feisty. Beyond the magic of paranormal immortals, there’s the setting of a snowy lodge, surrounded by the magic of the season–and Christmas with a bunch of immortals who’ve never experienced it is a lot of fun.

In Stealing Time, Zeit can’t do it…he can’t sacrifice Hannah’s life so he spends an entire year in Boise, of all places, freezing time and saving her from the Fates’ attempts to take her life, without Hannah realizing why she’s blipping all over. Another New Year’s Eve is approaching and Zeit will have to take her life this year. Enough is enough. He’ll just spend a quaint, cozy week with her in a lodge celebrating the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve first–because how could that go wrong?

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Taking Time opens with Tempus bored out of his mind on New Year’s Eve. He’s there to take some old mortal’s life-buh-blah-blah-blah. Then, a redhead throws herself in his arms and demands he “take her.” Oh, he intends to–and then the repeated refrain of the old guy’s name turns to “Lacey Carpenter.” Lacey? Who the…? Oh. Right. The armful of woman he’s been kissing. Midnight has come and gone, and Lacey is smirky and proud she stopped the “reaper.” A year of saving her so he can kill her next year? At least she has good taste in books, and Tempus is definitely not bored. When they end up back at the lodge the next year, Tempus recognizes that sacrificing Lacey for the good of others…is the worst future he can imagine. After being a servant of the Fates for so long, how can he change his own?

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When Ruin, in Keeping Time, ends up in a hospital on New Year’s Eve, it should be the easiest of sacrifices. The man is already dying. In a twist of “fate,” his sacrifice not only is expecting him, but makes Father Time’s son promise to look after Phoebe, his twin sister. A year of attempting to stay just friends isn’t easy and, okay, they kissed, twice, but his penance is almost over. They just have to get through a week’s holiday in a lodge–not even Ruin can ruin a friendship in that scenario. He and Phoebe will go their separate ways. It’ll be fine. What can happen in a week?

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The whole series is now available. For those wondering, my writing is typically PG-13 and a sexy sort of sweet.