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An Interview with Jack Frost

This originally appeared on Grave Tells a year ago: Check it out there.     Interview with Jack Frost of Frosted When you’re trying to sit down for a chat with the king of winter, you’re really working on his timeframe—especially since Jack Frost can only be in an area where it’s been below freezing recently, and Seattle isn’t exactly known […]

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Personalities of Pretend People

This was originally posted a year ago on Ramblings from this Chick in regards to Frosted: see original post here. But I like talking about personality types enough that I wanted to repost it. The Personalities of Pretend People Okay, I’m done with the P alliteration. Promise. Frosted began as a much shorter story. It was initially one third the size […]

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Men of Myth

This post originally appeared on Reading Lark After Dark, if you’d like to read it there: Click Here.     Men of Myth   You’d need to be dead and buried to have missed the resurgence of retold and recast myths. And, really, good stories boil down to a hero’s journey and common characters, but we’re starting to see familiar […]

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