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OCD and Self-Harm in my Own Fiction

In 2017, I released a Young Adult book that was preceded by a trigger warning, Secrets of Skin and Stone. It was terrifying to send this book out into the wild. Piper wasn’t my first character with OCD, but she was the most like me and definitely the first to practice self-harm and cutting. My first work that was published […]

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Where I’ve been…

  So, I’ve been gone for a bit. I’m lucky to have an amazing website host dude, Jay of Tech Surgeons, who has been updating stuff while I’ve been on a sort of forced hiatus. If you’ve been following me, I think you deserve an explanation so you’ll understand why I haven’t been as focused. I’ve been living intensely and […]

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Secrets of Skin and Stone’s Cover

Earlier this week, my YA paranormal debut had a cover release on YA Books Central, but for those who haven’t seen it, it’s gorgeous and needs to be seen. What I love about this cover is that the idea of gargoyle comes across but so does the gothic tone to the book. The font is just amazing–it feels 3D and […]

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