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Watchlist Wednesday VI

Dead Endf


I haven’t been researching the last two weeks, so my searches themselves have been related to revisions or my random brain hops, BUT…I’m going to list out where I’ve wandered around on the internet for your viewing pleasure.  So, basically, this is what I read for fun–with a little research history thrown in. (This might be scarier than all my research stuff actually.)


Rhinoceros (How to pronounce…don’t ask…it’s a weird story.) (But it always starts out so innocent.)

Went looking for pictures of couples reading books.

Peanut Butter Test is the New Alzheimer’s Test

Cougars and Jaguars–what’s the difference?

Dancing with the Stars Elizabeth Berkley to Reenact Iconic Saved by the Bell Scene (Yes, I’m ashamed.)

Then, I went and watched this “iconic” scene where she is taking caffeine pills: You can too! (Please note: You may be underwhelmed.)

Adrian Peterson of the Vikings Set to Play Two Days After the Death of his Son

Then, because I’m a weirdo, I went to Elgoog (Google backwards.)

I went looking for stock footage of couples in the park…and kept looking…and kept looking. (Stock photos should be a controlled substance–seriously.)

I went on Goodreads and marked Empty Mansions a book about the eccentric heiress Huguette Clark as “to read.”

Norman Rockwell Painting Stolen from Storage Unit (I will read anything about art theft.)

Fun Foods for Kids –the edible cars lead me there.

How to identify a Black Widow Spider. (This was research for a practical reason– *shudders* –and, yes, it was a black widow spider.)

Optical Illusions Make a Boring Desk Amazing.

Groundhog’s Day Hug

Then, I did a ton of origami searches, watched step-by-steps, and opened tab after tab of origami animals for B.

Also, I had to do a bunch of translations because some origami directions were in Spanish. (In the end, I cheated and used my phone a friend and asked Twitter for help.)

Read about how much an indie author can realistically make…which kind of made me sad.

Why Malcolm Gladwell is Wrong About David and Goliath.

Six Extreme Creatures Likely to Survive the Apocalypse

Tardigrade (microscopic creature that it looks like they’ve dressed in a gas mask–and it’s adorable.)

35 Terrible Puns to Brighten Your Day (a friend sent me here.)

13 Shocking Reasons People Were Actually Committed to Lunatic Asylums.

It’s Raining Men Regency Style

Marvel is Reportedly Working on Four New TV Shows and a Miniseries

Looked up Carrie on IMdb

Then, because I love a good cryptid story: Snorkeler finds rare 18 foot sea monster.

Wait, wait, wait…drumroll….

Farmer’s Almanac Moon Calendar *headslap* (Every time, people…every time.)

Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones

Oreos are as addictive as drugs. (Why do they even have to do these studies?)

This dad taking selfies with newborn–cutest thing ever!

Nineteen things successful people do on social media.

Looked up the word: midevening

3 Family Friendly Day Hikes in Seattle

Librarian Tattoo Calendar–which I looked at for the books behind them…that’s all.

Oatmeal’s What it Means When You Say Literally.

Wikied Dread Pirate Roberts–as you do. (As you wish.)

Mmmm Taco Quiche Recipe

Annnnnd because there’s no need to segue in searches…

Popular Japanese Surnames

Wikied Karate

Snortlaughed through 22 Extremely Disappointing Moments in the History of Parking

Looked up how to buy a chauffeur’s hat… *coughs* This wasn’t for some kinky role play or anything…it was legitimate research.

Cinnamon Roll Bar Recipe (They turned out awesome.)

Macro or Micro Test

Woman Steps on Skull and Opens Murder Investigation

A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials

Exploding Head Syndrome

Commas and Parentheses Rules

This is what you find when you raid a career criminal’s home.

National Seafood Bisque Day (You missed it!)

Smooth Criminal Lyrics. (Don’t judge me.)

Farmer’s Almanac Moon Calendar. (Okay, go ahead and judge me.)

Hunter’s Moon

Sorghum Allergy (*sighs*)

First Harry Potter word count

Sloppy Joe Casserole Recipe

Toward vs. Towards (I can never remember which is British vs. American English.)

Stock photos of Christmas trees and fireplaces

These Seven Books Predicted the Future

The difference between 160 and 260 twisting balloons

The Water Babies film

Fox News Says Walking Dead is Brainwashing America 

Apricot Jack O’ Lanterns

Vampire Graveyard Unearthed in  Poland

Scientists Discover Gold Growing on Trees


Elizabeth Báthory

Finally…I ended on a blog talking about us being overexposed in social media. *stares* What? It’s not like I’m just handing around my search history… oh, wait….


What do you think? Weirder and more random than my research days? There were a ton of Amazon searches, wandering around Twitter, and checks on my books everywhere, but I’ve dropped those.

So, what’s in your browsing history?

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