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An Excerpt from Lip Service



I’m part of a brilliant new anthology that came out. Eight authors writing novellas centered around the premise of a cyber service providing a fake boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s currently .99 cents, but I’m not sure if it’ll be available forever, so get it while it’s hot.

The anthology:

Virtual Match is your one-stop shop to convincing those nosy relatives, the too friendly coworker, or your ex that you’re off the market. We’ll match you with an attentive boyfriend or girlfriend. Texts, emails, calls, even gifts. All the fun of a relationship-well, almost all the fun-and none of the commitment. You might even forget it’s not real.

Here is mine:

Lip Service by Wendy Sparrow: Amputee Berg is struggling with civilian life. Dating is perilous, but the girl next door is oh so tempting. His new gig as “virtual boyfriend” allows him to bask in her sunshine without risking rejection. Roxie has tried cupcakes and pizza and her neighbor doesn’t adore her yet. He recommends Virtual Match to get rid of a slimy coworker, but she absolutely can’t fall for her new fake boyfriend.


And, finally, here’s an excerpt:


“Thanks for…” Berg gestured out at the way they’d come. It was amazing how he managed to avoid saying anything more than necessary.

“Thanks for letting me talk your ear off. It was fun.”

He nodded.

And the awkwardness set in.

Should she kiss his cheek? It’s not like this was a date. It was hard to say what it was.

“I should probably…” He tilted his head toward his door.

“Oh, yeah, I should too. I haven’t even eaten.” Pulling out her key, she unlocked and opened her door.

“Did you want to?”

She whipped around. “What? Kiss you? No. I’m fine. I mean, not if you don’t want to.”

And she’d never seen Berg grin so widely. It was like a whole different person was standing in front of her.

“What?” she asked. What had she said? Her cheeks felt hot with preemptive embarrassment.

“I was wondering if you wanted to share dinner.” It was hard for him to say the words around his smile.

She winced and covered her face with her hands. “No. Not now. Oh, that’s bad. That’s so bad.” Dropping one hand, she reached back and opened the door wider and slid inside. “Maybe by tomorrow, I’ll be over this.” Her face was going to ignite.

“Roxie!” he said on a laugh.

Maybe if she didn’t look at him, he couldn’t see her—she was going with that. “Thanks for the walk.” She shut the door before leaning against it and sliding down it to drop on her butt.

“It wasn’t that bad!” he yelled through the door.

“You’re a dirty rotten liar, Berg!”

There was a long silence before he asked, “So, maybe tomorrow?”

“Maybe.” She banged her head against the door. “Really?” she muttered to herself. “You really said that?” She should stick to imaginary men.


Here’s my page for Lip Service in the Virtually Yours Anthology.

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