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I’m DNFing and You Can Too!

At some time in a girl’s life, there comes a point where you stare at a book, and you want it to be good–you want every book to be good. No, I’m wrong, you want every book to be great–to take you away or speak to your soul. The book you’re reading, however, is not good. Or maybe it’s good, […]

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No Writer is an Island

  I just read the weirdest thing…possibly the biggest piece of fiction ever set to paper. I did a double take and thought, “The $#@% you say!” It was a bold-faced lie…right there…in legalese. Ready for it? Here it is–just as I read it: All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have […]

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Romeo and Juliet in Tango -Short

I promised some of my Twitter peeps a new short, and I rarely lie. Well, sometimes. When it’s important. Or useful. Or I’m writing. 😉  I considered splitting this into three parts due to its size, but I figured that’d just make some of you pissy…and I didn’t want that. So, here’s a longer short (ha!) for you:   Romeo […]

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