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A Poker Game in Space

  I’m now a Sci-fi author, and here’s how it happened: My first brush with Sci-fi was most likely with Star Trek–the original Star Trek. My parents are old school Trekkies. I can’t remember a time when I hadn’t known of the crew of the Starship Enterprise, so I assume it started from the cradle. I remember walking in and […]

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Perfectly Flawed Book List

  Below are books where one of the main characters is considered to be flawed in some way by themselves or by society to a degree that they feel unlovable. They have various levels of obstacles to overcome, but I’m drawn to characters who have more than situations requiring growth, and I heart love stories off the beaten path. I’ve […]

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Reader Confessions – Book Binges

  It starts with this urge…a strong urge, but then I indulge, and it becomes an obsession. Feeding it doesn’t seem to sate it until I’m so far past normal consumption. While this could easily be a reference to my love affair with brownies, it’s not. It’s about books…and my book binges. It’s not just reading itself that justifies the […]

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Settings and Stories

  In the busy rush of today, I nearly skipped grabbing soup from the cafe near my allergist’s office. (A treat that I value in light of the fact that I’m sick of allergy shots.) Then, I saw they had Jambalaya. I can’t eat Jambalaya without thinking of New Orleans…and thus I can’t pass up a chance at Jambalaya. Few […]

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Reader Confessions #3 Peeves

      So, I just ran across one of my biggest peeves* for storylines–one that makes me long to throw a book. And it’s one of many, but here are some of mine, mostly in the romance genre, starting with the one that inspired this post: 1. A love triangle that is resolved not by the hero or heroine […]

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Writing Unrealistic Dialogue

  I know…it sounds exactly opposite of what you should do, so I’ll start off with dialogue from an actual car conversation I had with my son yesterday that’ll make you feel like a Mensa candidate in comparison. (I’ve substituted out initials for names, by the way.) T:  (out of nowhere with no context) “So, then she says *high falsetto […]

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