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Romance Shorts

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Downstairs from Hell

Downstairs from Hell – Paranormal 


Of Fire and Ice

Of Fire and Ice – Fantasy


Bury Me Not

Bury Me Not – Contemporary


Keeping Fireflies

Keeping Fireflies – Contemporary


Seducing Izzy

Seducing Izzy – Sci-fi


The Impossible Apprentice - Fantasy

The Impossible Apprentice – Fantasy


Sweet Pete-02crop

For Sweet Pete’s Sake – Contemporary


Are You Ready? – Magical Realism


Leather and Leotards - Contemporary

Leather and Leotards – Contemporary



Fourth Strike – Contemporary


Our First Kiss for the Fifteenth Time - Contemporary

Our First Kiss for the Fifteenth Time – Contemporary



Masked Charades -Fantasy



Incant Me – Magical Realism



Romeo and Juliet in Tango – Contemporary



On Display – Contemporary


Couple hammockf

Making Love of Sorrow – Paranormal



The Unlucky – Contemporary



Out of Line – Contemporary



Sugar Pie – A Meet Uncute – Contemporary




If you were hoping for actual shorts, I apologize. I can see how that might have been misleading. Chances were I didn’t have your size anyway.

If you want longer stuff…pants…or maybe just a longer story, check out my books tab for my newest releases.


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