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Big and Bad Giveaway Winners

…which in no way suggests that the winners are either big or bad. Well, they might be. I don’t judge.       The winner of the red hood…which may or may not be worn on the way to Grandma’s house…and may or may not be wolf bait:       Maria R.     And the winner of the […]

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Moody Readers Unite!

  I have a confession…I’m a moody reader. Though I don’t dress up like the woman in the picture and strike poses…I should…but I don’t. I have to be in the mood for a book in order to pick it up. Usually it has to fit into whatever binge I’m currently in. Sometimes I do read outside my mood for […]

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Fairy Tale Retellings

  Everything has already been done. But has it been done well? And can it be done differently? I think there’s a certain appeal to fairy tale retellings or reimaginings in that beyond the classic elements crossing over from the fairy tale–there’s also the fact that you “know” the story and you’re curious how they’ll do it differently. This Weakness […]

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