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Spreading Love and Pollen – Contest

I know what happened… You meant to enter–you really did, but time got away from you. Oh, you did enter? But you didn’t win? You. were. robbed. The two people who won probably bribed someone. (They didn’t.) They’re cuter than you. (I have no idea…they might be…they seem nice.) Favoritism! It must have been favoritism. (No. Well…maybe. They did enter […]

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Writing What You’d Rather Not Know

  When I started writing a novel about an allergic shifter, I knew I was in familiar territory. Not because I can change to a wolf at will—as far as I’ve noticed—but because the idea was born of aggravation with my allergies. I’ve been fighting ridiculous allergies my whole life. How ridiculous? Well…when I was a child, I noticed some of […]

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Don’t Say I Never Share My Pollen

Mostly…because that’s a weird thing to say…who says things like that? But, also, the lucky winner of the earrings and necklace:       was Marnie S. And the winner of the gift card was Carson M.   Did you like this giveaway? I liked this giveaway. I liked this giveaway so much that I might order another necklace and […]

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How to Fan an Ebook Author

  This is a post on how to treat your favorite ebook authors like rockstars. *blinks* What’s that? Did you ask if this post is a little self-serving since I just had an ebook come out? *scoffs* *sputters* *shuffles feet* You know what? Go to your room! *coughs* *clears throat* Okay. Now, where were we? I specified ebook authors because […]

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Taming the Pack Series

      With a series coming out, I haven’t really had time to chill out and celebrate the first one coming out. Especially since I’ve been working on editing the second one in the Taming the Pack series. Working on the second one has had the song Lil Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs stuck […]

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