Taking Time (Servants of Fate #2)




Tempus fugit. Time flies…unless you’re Tempus Halt, Father Time’s son. Day in and day out are the same, except for New Year’s Eve when he steals the life of a mortal on behalf of the Fates. This year marks his first failure to stay the monotonous course. A mortal’s kiss and her insistence on taking the place of his year’s sacrifice stalled out everything. Now, Tempus has to keep her alive for a year so his sacrifice isn’t wasted, but that’s the only reason—definitely.

One of these crazy grim reapers stole Lacey Carpenter’s estranged father’s life two years ago. She’ll give her own life rather than letting it happen again. It backfires when Tempus doesn’t actually kill her, and they have to spend the year together. She’s falling for an immortal who stops time, not just to save her life, but also to ruin her dates and steal her books. This can never work and fate is just not on her side—in fact, they’d really like her dead before Tempus falls for her in return.


“And, another thing, I wasn’t finished with that book you stole from my freezer.” Lacey poked him in the chest.

“I can tell you how it ended…and why did you put it in the freezer?” The plastic bag had protected it, but he still didn’t see why she was putting books in the freezer now. He wouldn’t have even found it if he hadn’t been helping himself to her ice cream while saving her from being killed by her stove again.

“So you wouldn’t find it and don’t tell me how it ends. I’ve narrowed it down to the boyfriend or the lawyer and…”

“It’s the lawyer. I figured it out on page 189, and you were already on page 237 judging from your bookmark so it was too late to beat me anyway.”

She groaned. “Did you even read the bookmark?”

“No.” It had something on it? It’d looked like a scrap of paper. He’d thrown it away since she wouldn’t need it anymore.

“It said, ‘Tempus, if you find this, don’t touch it and don’t tell me who the murderer is or I’ll kill you in your sleep.’”

“Well, that’s an empty threat if I’ve ever heard one.”

Copyright © 2016 by Wendy Sparrow


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