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Re: Writing Romance is so Easy

  Every few days in the social media community it seems there’s another article somewhere about how writing romance is paint-by-numbers, has no character development, takes very little research, and can be accomplished in an afternoon by a bored, undersexed housewife who’s read a few bodice rippers and has a passing knowledge of the English language. Supposedly, we rely heavily […]

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An Excerpt from Lip Service

  I’m part of a brilliant new anthology that came out. Eight authors writing novellas centered around the premise of a cyber service providing a fake boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s currently .99 cents, but I’m not sure if it’ll be available forever, so get it while it’s hot. The anthology: Virtual Match is your one-stop shop to convincing those nosy […]

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OCD and Needing Help Now

  I know this is a strange post amid the other writing and release ones, but I strongly felt this needs to happen, and it can’t wait on my writing career. I want this searchable as soon as possible. I’ve had people both in the medical profession and outside of it dismiss obsessive-compulsive disorder as being a valid reason for […]

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Virtually Yours to Win!

What’s your favorite part about my releases? Besides the actual stories because that’s too obvious… GIVEAWAYS!!! Woot! Because you know I have the weirdest giveaways. This time it’s part of a HUGE anthology so you have many, many ways to enter, lucky ducky. Wait, before I dazzle you with pretty shiny things…let’s get the actual release out to gawk at […]

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