Bonus – Travis’s Spring Fling Answers

Entangled hosted a Facebook event for some of their authors’ leading men. I picked Travis from Crazy Over You to answer the questions. Here are his answers. By the way, I didn’t get even close to winning– *sighs* but I also chose to add to my characters’ story rather than seduce the readers. Ultimately, possibly a poor choice, but I like that it created additional content.

     1. Introduce your leading men.

I’m Travis Flynn, a sheriff and the alpha of the Rainier pack of wolves–though I share that leadership with LeAnn, my mate who has a more lax view of the law. I’m a freaking genius–which is the only way I can stay alpha of what’s known as the “frat pack” and hold my own with my mate. Wolves have the spring fling covered–our females go into heat in the spring. We know how to make the most of field of wildflowers and moonlit night. (Author insert–I dragged Travis out of Crazy Over You, the final book in the Taming the Pack series.)

 2. Describe your ideal locale for a spring fling.

I’d like to claim we’re too civilized to mate like animals in the woods, but LeAnn crooks her finger and I’m hot. My wolf side can’t fight the need to remind her of our bond. Wolves are more inclined to run wild, and the forests around Mount Rainier are perfect for that. Not to mention that clothing becomes optional real fast, no matter where we are. Give me a dense forest and LeAnn and I’m happy. ~Travis

3. What pick-up line would you use on your spring fling?

Ha! If I don’t get my ass bitten off, LeAnn might find this one funny, but that’s a big “if”—“Hey, sweetheart, it’s a full moon, how about I make you howl…” But, seriously, depending on the delivery and her mood, I might have a fight for dominance on my hands. ~Travis

4.  What is your ideal spring fling date?

Anything with my mate is a good time, even just routine patrols of our pack land, but she really likes heist movies—both to point out all the flaws and to heckle law enforcement. Going someplace local doesn’t work because, well, I’m a sheriff and this is a small town—and LeAnn gets vocal and throws popcorn. People wonder why the sheriff’s “girl” keeps cheering for criminals. So, if it wasn’t raining, I’d drag a projector outside, along with a white sheet and we could watch “Entrapment” or “Italian Job” for the umpteenth time in my backyard. I’d cook something fancy that she’d like, even as she called me a food snob. Then, we’d make love during the “boring talking parts” before going for a run through the woods. Nice thing is that she’s still vocal with just me around. For some parts of the movie, she’s very vocal.~Travis

5.  Describe your goodbye kiss.

I’d like to say that would depend on the audience but that doesn’t seem to affect how we kiss. Earlier she dropped by the station for lunch and as we said goodbye, LeAnn somehow ended up on the hood of my cruiser with her legs around my waist. She’s aggressive and doesn’t mind leaving her mark on me. I had to tuck in my uniform and take a few good deep breaths before I could go in and face all my officers. My receptionist, Betty, and I—we haven’t made eye contact since I met my mate. LeAnn likes open-mouth kisses and dragging her nails down my back—which I don’t mind. I’ve never felt my wolf side as strong as when she’s in my arms, moaning, and rubbing against me like we’re the last two people on earth and need to repopulate. And that’s in a parking lot in front of the sheriff’s office. ~Travis

6. Why should readers pick you for a spring fling? 

Well, I’m off the market as you can see, but I think a certain amount of respect is due to anyone who manages to out-alpha my mate…about fifty percent of the time. I used to have a damn high opinion of my genius and my ability to manipulate a scenario but that all ended when I woke up with a naked woman holding a knife to my throat. ~Travis

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