Bonus – Five Ways to Annoy Your Alpha

This was originally published on the blog “My Book Addiction” when “Past My Defenses” came out. Here is that post with little excerpts to back up my thoughts.

Five Ways to Annoy Your Alpha

In Past My Defenses, Vanessa is a Lycan in the Glacier Peak pack under the guidance of the Alpha Jordan. Deference and respect don’t come easy to Vanessa—especially after she meets park ranger, Dane Hansen. She finds entirely new ways to annoy her Alpha—here are five ways to annoy your Alpha:

  1. Hook up with a human.

“Hmm. I asked you to patrol and you hooked up with a human—not quite the expectation.” He threw a look over his shoulder. “When I asked you to keep an eye out for Cheri and look for anything unusual, I didn’t expect you to hit something outside your species. I think you misunderstood me.”


  1. Sneak in belligerent hand gestures.

He lifted an eyebrow. “Should you be mixing caffeine with all those drugs you took?”

She held up three fingers. “First, do you have any idea of the pollen count right now? I can see it. My car looks like I spray-painted it pollen yellow.” She dropped her ring finger. “Second, my stubborn Alpha sent me out to patrol so I didn’t take any meds last night, but I thought as long as I didn’t run across any cats, I might survive.” She dropped her index finger, leaving her middle finger extended. “Third, I ran into a cat. It jumped at me out of the bushes, attached itself to my snout, and rode my face like I was a rodeo bronco. A stupid cat nearly killed me.”

He stared at the extended finger.


  1. Throw yourself in between your Alpha and your human mate.

Dane pulled the shotgun to his shoulder. “Vanessa, get clear of my shot!”

Both wolves turned and in a classic “mind your own business” statement, roared at him.

He dropped the shotgun, rolling his eyes. Fine. Apparently, this was mythical creature territory. The showdown had become a staring contest.


  1. Pick a human mate as pissy as your Alpha.

“What is it, Lassie, did Timmy fall down a well?” Dane muttered under his breath.

Jordan snarled.


  1. Don’t let him kill your human mate for fun.

“What a thin-skinned little princess your human is. Are you sure you don’t want me to kill him for you?”


Torn between a Lycan with a full set of fangs and a human armed with stubbornness and a gun, Vanessa must run with the pack that can keep her safe and stay with the first man she might not run from. Check out Past My Defenses to see how she manages two alpha males.

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