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Rock My Bones

  So, my story in the Accidental Valentine anthology is getting great reviews. Wanna know more? How about the first line? There were times when you just had to say “this is not acceptable, no matter how good you look in your jeans.” How about a few of my favorite lines? “You want to get dirty with me in the […]

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Accidentally in Love

  So, once upon a time, I wrote this short story about a paleontologist and a painter. It was a bit too…racy for me to ever put on this blog, but I loved it with all the love of a mother for a wild child who tells inappropriate jokes. Rock My Bones is in this anthology:   Accidental Valentine – […]

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Lucky in Love Contest

  Less than a week until the Valentine’s Day anthology I’m in is out!     Goodreads Link   Also, you might remember my cursed contribution to the holiday from last year:     Goodreads Link   And what do we do when books come out? That’s right! We give stuff away! Wooooooooooo! This time I’m giving away this necklace […]

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