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Servants of Fate Series is out!

Stealing Time first debuted a few years ago. It was one of those times for authors when you write what you want to read. I wanted something different, but magical. The winter holiday season has always seemed to be magical to me, even with the stress of parties, get-togethers, and getting everything ready in time. (I’m an introvert with OCD–those […]

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Tempus’s Oh Agatha! Giveaway

  Congratulations to Tina for winning this giveaway!!! Check out my latest giveaway if you, like me, are not Tina!   So, Tempus woke up this morning…on this the day that his book “Taking Time” is out and thought, “Hey, I should give away one of my favorite Agatha Christie books!” * Throughout his book, he steals books (mostly mysteries) […]

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