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OCD and Self-Harm in my Own Fiction

In 2017, I released a Young Adult book that was preceded by a trigger warning, Secrets of Skin and Stone. It was terrifying to send this book out into the wild. Piper wasn’t my first character with OCD, but she was the most like me and definitely the first to practice self-harm and cutting. My first work that was published […]

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OCD and Hope

  This is my first post in a long time because my joint condition became very life-centric, but now that it’s more or less handled, I wanted to post on OCD for OCD Awareness week this year. I’ve been medicated, this time, since October 2012. Every day, I take three doses of medication to control my OCD. I have a […]

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OCD Awareness Posts

  The second week in October is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Awareness week. ┬áIf you’ve missed my previous OCD posts: OCD and Dark Thoughts OCD and Cutting OCD and Agoraphobia OCD and Medication OCD and the Real Me OCD and Going Mad OCD and Superstition OCD and Suicide OCD and Insomnia Pure-O -My type of OCD OCD and Comorbid Conditions OCD and […]

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