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And so it goes… (Winners)

  Dandelion seeds in the wind and the contest is over. I would get all philosophical about this, but the RA in my hands is killing me today. So, let me just say that the winner of the necklace was picked randomly by Rafflecopter but was also the person with the most entries. She tweeted nearly every day it seemed. […]

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Escape, Entertain, or Enrich

  I’ve been thinking a lot about why people choose the books they do. Most of my friends are readers both online and in real life. However most of my friends online read in very different genres from those in my real life (with exceptions of course.) And while I think it’s partly because I’ve made friends online with similar […]

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Making Love of Sorrow – Free Story

  Making Love of Sorrow     Every one of us will be rejected. Sometimes, it occurs over and over. Sometimes, it’s small—like when the person in your French class chose to sit by Debbie Richland instead of you. Sometimes, it’s big—like when your fiancé realizes he doesn’t want to be with you a month before the wedding. You think […]

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