Bonus Content – That Moment

This post on This Weakness for You and the moment when two characters are recognizably in love appeared on Book Crazy Scrapbook Mama’s blog. It’ll make more sense if you’ve read the novel.

That Moment

I love to read romances. Most years, I’ll read hundreds. I love to read about two people falling in love. Now, not all books marketed as romances are true love stories. Sure, the physical acts are there and the characters say the right words, but you don’t have that moment…that moment that makes your heart swoon…that moment when you see a character fall. I love to read books that feel like a true love story. That’s why I read romances.

That moment is different in every story. In my favorite movie, The Princess Bride, they suggest it’s a love story with the early parting between Buttercup and Wesley and, sure, they feel strongly for each other, but it’s not until later they have that moment. It’s when you see that Buttercup has given up on finding love if she can’t have Wesley and Wesley is ready to prove what’s in his heart. I think it becomes a romance when they’re tumbling down the hill just before entering the Fire Swamp and he’s yelling, “As you wish!” That, right there, is love.

In This Weakness for You, Christa and Jordan start off smashed together by circumstances and bound by a scent match. Jordan is fighting attraction like it’s the plague. He’s struck out too many times, and his quest for vengeance has taken over. But the more time he spends with Christa and recognizes her inner strength…the harder he falls for her.

Maybe for other readers that “aww” moment will be different, but the scene where it becomes a love story for me is when Jordan is talking to another character and says that their relationship isn’t about dominance and keeping score. Then, Jordan says, “And I am weak for her.” Jordan is an Alpha among Alphas, and for him to admit that he’s weak… I can hear that line in my head. I heard it from the first chapter. I wanted a love story where the Big Bad Wolf falls and falls hard and I hope that comes across. I wanted that moment.

If you read This Weakness for You, you’ll have to let me know if I’m right about that moment.

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