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Watchlist Wednesday IV

Power lines

When you care an awful lot about power lines….

I’ve actually been so stressed and busy that I haven’t had as much time to do research for my Ratman novel…which is a shame because I should be able to finish drafting it in a couple days of work–maybe this weekend.

BUT what research I have done in the last two weeks…has been Watchlist worthy. Here is my websearch history for the last two weeks for research.

It always starts out so innocently:

Googled Do rats have to be nocturnal?

Definition of trapezius

Wiki Animal testing regulations

Googled Violating animal testing in the United States

Laws and Regulations of Animal Testing

Why Rats Can’t Vomit (I needed to know if rats could puke…this, people…this is when you care too much.)

Yahoo Answers: Can Rats Puke?

Yahoo Answers: Help! My rat is puking! (He wasn’t. Because rats can’t puke.) (I know…this is valuable information.)

Googled images of security system keypads (I looked at hordes of these.)

The Curious Case of Déjà Vu (Okay, I can’t remember why I ended up on this site, but it’s recent, so I might have just stumbled across it, but seriously an interesting article so go check it out here.) (If you feel like you’ve read it before…. never mind…that joke was too obvious.)

Googled Security Systems What Happens When Triggered (Hello, Watchlist!)

Googled Kickproof Doors

Yahoo Answers: How many bullets does a typical 9 mm hold?

How many bullets does a gun clip hold?

How many bullets in a magazine?

News article about NY man arrested for having extra bullets in his gun (apparently NY has a new law–NY’s Safe Act that a pistol’s magazine can only hold seven bullets…this man had nine.) (There’s a joke here too, but I’m too tired to think of it.)

Symptoms of photophobia/light sensitivity

Snopes article on police response times

Googled police response times to an armed intruder

Police response to a burglar alarm

Googled Police response after a burglar alarm and an armed intruder what happens after

Then, I harassed my cop brother-in-law about various police procedure things that made him momentarily regret marrying into our family.

Googled Power lines in New York

Googled Real Estate in New York

Various Real Estate sites looking to see if the power lines in New York City are buried or not

Used a house listing to do a Google Earth visit and see for myself if power lines in that area are buried.

Brownstones in New York for sale

Good neighborhoods in New York (I want nothing but the best for my imaginary people.)

New York neighborhoods ranked–best places to live in New York (and price is no object…for my imaginary people…except they have to have above-ground power lines…and so I moved them out of New York…poor fools.)

Images of Brownstones

Floorplans of Brownstones

Do Brownstones have garages?

Googled cutting the power line (At which point I realized this wouldn’t work…and started pseudo-swearing and my husband suggested that instead of cutting the power to my imaginary Non-New York Brownstone, I could just shoot the power transformer.) (This is why I married him.) (Also, he’s hot.)

How fast will a power company replace a transformer?

Power company outages–how long?

Googled laws against rats as pets (I wanted to see if there was a limit on how many rats you could keep for pets.) (This is only a problem my imaginary people face–I’m not planning on ever having more than zero.)

Behavior of Exotic Pets

Googled What is covered after a car break-in?

How to Zombie-proof your home (This turned up in my breaking-and-entering research, but it’s useful in dealing with zombies and non-zombies, so here’s your link: ZOMBIES!)

Googled Covering a window after a break-in

Okay, now, blog readers…I’m going to trust you to be responsible with this link I stumbled across…and not use it for evil:

Top Ten Ways to Break Into Almost Anything

Definition of subtext (I look up weird things…)

Trapezius muscle (If you think, “Wait, didn’t she already look this up??? See Déjà Vu link above…but, also, yes, I did.) (It’s the new Sodium Pentothal look-up with me.)

Men Exaggerate How Much They Think About Sex article (I just needed to know the cliched belief…) (Here’s the link.) (Don’t lie…you know you wanted to check it out.) (It’s actually fairly safe.)

Wiki Hypersexuality (This was actual research. Don’t judge me.)

Wiki Indecent Exposure (For. Research. Really.)

Criminal charges for having sex in public (Oh, like you’ve never looked that up!!!)

What crime is charged for having sex in public? (This was all for like one line of inner dialogue…)

Synonyms for light

Googled the name Latesha

Googled rats ultrasonic hearing (Because you know from my last Watchlist post–you can never know enough about this.)

Googled analgesics

Can Police search your home?

What is Probable Cause

eHow Reasons for a probable cause to search a house

Yahoo Answers Can cops enter a house with no search warrant, permission, or probable cause?

4th amendments rights

Read a podcast transcript on exigent circumstances for searching a house

Googled Does a smell count for probable cause?

Do detectives work in pairs?

And then we get to the really pretty research:

How long does it take for maggots to form after eggs are laid?

How soon do maggots form after death?

Googled blowfly eggs

Wiki blowflies

Synonyms for: dating, beguile, lure, snare, catch, attain, win, captivate, and charm

Okay, this was an unrelated search but: Difference between Jam and Jelly (I’ve always wondered.)


So, there you go. That concludes this week’s Watchlist Wednesday post. This has been a really bad two weeks for me–so if I’ve seemed “off” and anti-social…it’s just been a bad two weeks. All the accrued stress ends on Friday, though. So, I should be able to get back into life this weekend.  Let me know what you think of my watchlist posts in the comments below.

And what’s on your watchlist websearches?

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  1. I get a kick out of your Watchlist Wednesday posts. They make me wonder what in the world your rat is going to be doing. 😉

    My searches are pretty mundane and today they had nothing to do with my WIP. However, I did come across this chocolate-cake-in-a-cup recipe you might find interesting: http://www.rakskitchen.net/2012/09/microwave-chocolate-cake-single-serving-1-minute.html. And if you click on the link to the original post to get the ingredients, there are some good ideas for substitutions you can try.

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