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The BEST of the Worst Jokes


I know how much you guys have been enjoying my jokes on Twitter, but you’re all heartbroken because you might miss some while you’re sleeping…or whatever you people do during the middle of the night while I’m awake.  So, HERE THEY ARE…altogether…for your bad joke enjoyment.


How does Jack Frost get around town?

By icicle.


Where does Jack Frost keep his money?

In a snowbank.


After he’s nipped your nose, what does Jack Frost do to show you he REALLY likes you?

Frost bites.


What did Jack Frost have for lunch?

An ice-berger.


Oh, yeah, well, what did he have for breakfast?

Frosted Flakes.


What did Jack Frost call the lazy Frost Fairy who skipped work?

Snow flake.


What did Jack Frost give the baby Frost Fairy?

A snow mobile.


What happened when Jack Frost got attacked by a vampire?

Frost bitten.


What happened when the icicle fell on Jack Frost’s head?

It knocked him out cold.


What is Jack Frost’s favorite dessert?

Something with icing. (You thought I was going to say frosting there, didn’t you? I like to mix it up.)


How does Jack Frost greet his enemies?

With an icy stare.


How did Jack Frost’s ice queen know things were heating up between them?

She got wet.


What did Jack Frost’s ice queen do when he came home late one night?

She gave him the cold shoulder.


Who is Jack Frost’s favorite aunt?

Aunt Arctica


When the Frost Fae return back to the Winter World, how do they greet Jack Frost?

Ice to see you!


(I know. That one was really bad. I winced as I was typing it, and I may have thrown-up a little in my mouth too.)


What does Jack Frost take when he gets sick?

A chill pill.


(There was a joke that I thought of adding here where the punchline was snow-balls, but… *coughs* I’m leaving it out.)

(No, I’m using it.)


Where does the royal winter couple dance the night away?

At snow-balls.


(Wait, what were you thinking?)



Why did Jack Frost leave the snowbank in a fury?

His assets had been frozen.


(See what I did there? I played off that earlier joke. Oh, what? I can’t do that? FINE!)


What are little Frost Fae called?



What do you call Jack Frost in Florida?

Out of his element.


Okay, last one… (you’re welcome)


What did Jack Frost’s wife say to him when he was in a temper?

Chill out.


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  1. What flooring does Jack Frost have in his kitchen?



  2. Okay, so this was a little epic. I laughed AND groaned, so I don’t know what category you’re putting me in, but hey, hand me a snow cone while you think it over. Oooh, a RED one … thank you. *grin*

  3. Ellie Elise says:

    This was painfully awesome! We all need some G rated giggles now and then! Maybe some PG too…snowballs…*tsk tsk. LOL

    xoxo ~ Ellie

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