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  This is the last night–the last moon before I put the 13th part of my serial on here. One last moon before you find out the name of my narrator. One last moon before you find out how things end between ________ and Tiberius. (Hah! You thought I’d mess that up, huh?) One. Last. Moon. *raises eyebrows* Or is […]

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Give it away! Give it away! ….etc.

Okay, so if I’d done the whole chorus: Give it away! Give it away! Give it away now! it would have messed up the titles in the side box on this blog. (Now, you know my secret shame.) I have two giveaways running right now! The first is to come up with a name for my narrator in my serial. […]

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The Cold and Lovely Moon I -Serial

So, I know I’m late to the Full Moon Romance short story rush, but…. Wait, what? First, other authors don’t write about Tax Day, and now you don’t all have a full moon romance? What’s wrong with you, people? Crap, I have two of them. But I’m only posting one of them because full moon romance short stories only come […]

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