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Entangled in Frosted (excerpt)


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For my blog, I’m giving away a Personalized Snowflake Mug from Personalization Mall!  (Go to this post if you want to see the fancy schmancy pictures:  Wooo! Another Blog Post!)

I wanted to give you a teaser of why I’m doing so much with snowflakes. I mean, obviously, Jack Frost…but there are a few scenes that really make a snowflake mug and a snowflake necklace (in this giveaway) the obvious choice. Here is one of them:

In the scene below, Kate has fallen through the ice into the winter world where Jack Frost is king. Rather than being afraid, Kate visits his world of ice, snow, and frost fairies.  Little does she realize that Jack Frost doesn’t intend to let her go so easily…but, I’m getting ahead in the story. In this scene, they’re skating on a frozen pond in his world.


He drifted around her in lazy circles, skating backwards with ease. “The mortal world has no hold on you here.”

She stopped and looked around. “I wish it would snow, though. I’ve always liked when it snows while I’m skating.”

The flakes dropped immediately. Like Jack, they spun lazily down from the sky as if they were enjoying the trip and had all the time in the world.

Laughing, she looked up. “You did that.”

“You asked for something within my power.”

It seemed like very little wasn’t within his power in this world. Skates appeared. The ice turned slick. He could make it snow. A flicker of unease whispered through her brain. She was equally at his mercy in this world. She pushed it to the back of her mind as the falling snow brushed her cheeks.

She caught a flake on her tongue. It tasted sweeter than they did in the real world, like cotton candy almost. This was definitely heaven. She didn’t know what that made Jack—an angel perhaps. He caught her gaze and smiled roguishly. Fallen angel. Definitely a fallen angel.


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I love the image of the snowflake. I love cutting out snowflakes. I love watching snowflakes dissolve on my gloves. I don’t like being cold, but I like catching snowflakes on my tongue…and then rushing back inside my house to get warm by a fire.

What is your favorite part of winter?


Oh, if this glimpse of Jack and snowflakes makes you giddy to buy Frosted…well…okay:



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