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11th Hour to Bite Me…in the Contest!

Enter now or forever hold your peace.

I’ve got stuff for tonight to finish so I’ll draw tomorrow night instead of late tonight, but let me know if Rafflecopter went stingy on entries, and I’ll manually add them in before I draw.

What are you waiting for??? Do it!


The clock is ticking…tick tock tick tock….


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7 Responses so far.

  1. Melody May says:

    I hope it picks me. 😉

  2. Counting this comment, I’ve commented 9 times. That’s 27 points right there. Not counting the points for liking you, following you, adding you on goodreads, subscribing to your blog, and biting you.

    Wow. I’m quite the stalker!

  3. Donna Murphy says:

    Hey Wendy! You can still BITE ME!!!!!! LOLOLOL

  4. Yay for a whole new group of stalkers!! I mean … uh … followers. Yeah, we’ll go with followers.

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