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Announcing…Bonus Materials!

Did you miss out on the second epilogue of Past My Defenses? (*whispers* “You did.”)

Not subscribed to the newsletter in time to see the extra scene? (*gasps*)

Love character interviews that are scattered across the blogosphere as part of blog tours?

I’m slowly going through and adding bonus material to the book pages on this site (after they’ve been buried in their original locations) so you don’t miss out. To get in on upcoming bonus scenes and interviews, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. (See the side of this webpage for that link.) For blog tour stops with new content, I post those on Facebook on my author page. 

Thus far, I’ve added bonus content (or links to cool stuff) to:

Past My Defenses

This Weakness for You

Crazy Over You

Stealing Time (Though this includes all the leading men from the Servants of Fate series.)

Cursed By Cupid


On His List

Far Orbit – A Game of Hold ’em (This is a podcast.)

Legendary Anthology

What do you think? Interesting? Not interesting?

If you’re more into complete stories, there is the free short stories tab up above where you can also find all original content. And you can’t argue with free, amirite?


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