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The Giveaway TO END ALL Giveaways


AKA What’s in a Name Part II


So, I honestly thought I was being obvious in my hints, but it goes to show you that an author has the hardest time leaving the “right” amount of clues. Either that or you guys were all like “whatever–so your narrator doesn’t have a name….”


Yeah, so I’d like to say that was on purpose…that it was some sort of artistic bid for an “everyman” or “everywoman” character so you could all see yourself or someone you know as my narrator of my serial. First of all, I’m not that clever. Second, around part five, when she started to be all snippy about him calling her by name, I yawned, stretched, and scrolled back in the doc file, thinking casually, “What did I name this chick again? It started with an A…or a D…or a…huh…what did I name her?”

And that’s when I discovered I hadn’t named her.

What kind of brilliant idiot forgets to name the narrator of a story that ended up being the length of a novella?

This kind of brilliant idiot.

So, I’m letting you take over this runaway train because she doesn’t actually get a name until the final part which currently reads “_________” in my final draft.

But if you’re naming one of my characters, you’ll have to earn it. Plus, I can’t play favorites because you know who I’d pick… *whispers* totally you, but don’t tell the others *coughs*  So, it’s RAFFLECOPTER time, baby!

At the end of the Rafflecopter date, I’ll randomly draw a name and you’ll give my narrator a name…it can be your name…it can be a name that you think fits…it can be anything…reasonable. If you’re not a writer, you’ll get the giddy joy of trying to pick a name with so many to choose from. It’s like naming a baby…only a baby who’s all bad-ass and sexy…so it’s not at all like naming a baby.

How do you pick a name, you ask? How do writers manage that?

I started out in baby books, but that got lame fast. So, I switched to IMDb because I can also snag last names, and they feel like real names that way. Now, you won’t see any Brad Pitts or Jodie Fosters because I skip way, way, way down in the casting to the names you never read. Digital people. Make-up people. Camera people. I snag a first name from one and a last name from another. And I go with whatever blockbuster is in the theaters at the time…they have the longest cast lists.

That’s how I pick character names. You can name my narrator after your Great Grandma Ruth to preserve her hot, hot, hot legacy…or whatever.

But, wait, there’s more!

I’m all about giveaways so I designed a cool t-shirt for you too! (Go check out the back…okay, I’ll just tell you, it says: …because I don’t do anything halfway.) (My husband suggested half-assed instead of halfway.) (My mom nixed that because she cares about your moral well-being.) (And then her daughter slapped a naked shower picture on the top of the page.) (That’s just how we roll.)



Pick your favorite size and the shirt will wing its way to you. (Slowly…because it needs to be manufactured and I need to send it. Give it a few weeks.)

What else do you need…? Oh, right, here’s the Rafflecopter! Knock yourself out!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

So, a shirt, a name…and what else? Oh, I might draw a few names to get whichever novellas I have out. By the time this giveaway ends, I should have two novellas out. (Crazypants!) I’ll post the Goodreads links on the books’ tab as they come out.


Follow the Rafflecopter rules because I will enforce them when I go through the entries.

This is open internationally because I’ve always wanted to ship a t-shirt to the Himalayas. (If you do live somewhere only accessible by dog sled…tack an extra week for shipping on.)

And I reserve the right to make up additional rules if they occur to me. I’m seriously tired right now and a bit juiced up on Mtn Dew.



Leave your choice(s) for the narrator’s first name in the comments (note via Rafflecopter) and stalk me across the internet and you could win the prizes listed on the Rafflecopter!


That’s it–except–if you maximized the picture at the top of this to see if you could see anything–for shame! *snortlaughs* Also, you totally could, but I steamed that out. So there.

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  1. Jaime (Spider-Jaime) says:

    So…I enter and then leave my name/names in the comments? Then everyone will know what name I chose? I suppose that’s okay cuz’ it is the RIGHT name. Is that how it works or am I confused.

  2. How about … Alana? No reason in particular, except that it’s a lovely name and it reminds me of something fast and sleek. I’m assuming she’s fast and sleek in her animal form, but maybe that’s just me. Also, I totally tweeted about your contest (check your @ mentions) but I couldn’t bring up the tweet URL on my Kindle.

    • You know, after I’d decided to leave it up to readers, I thought I sort of liked the name Angelina…so I think we’re on the same wavelength. : )

      I’ll add an extra entry for you before I draw. ; ) –we’re all good.

  3. Heather Allred says:

    My vote is for Julia. It just seems to go with Tiberius.

    • YOU ROCK, HEATHER! Actually…I’m glad I already said I wouldn’t play favorites…. 😉

      I love the name Julia so much that I changed it on a short story so I could use it for Ratman…but I’d change it in Ratman so I could use it here because I agree with you–it matches Tiberius. (I love Find and Replace for that. I may even heart it.)

  4. The Branli says:

    Phoebe. Cuz… yeah

  5. MommySaidThis says:

    Ha! I was going to say Julia too! I’ll have to honk of another one fast. 🙂

  6. Jen says:

    Finley. Because I say so.

  7. kristina says:

    I’m influenced by the photo, so may I suggest Lexi? (Short for Alexa – nicknamed Lex when she’s kicking butt and taking names.) Anyhoo, can’t wait to hear what she ends up being named!

    • That’s another family name that isn’t at all weird if someone else picks it! Yes! Score! Bwahahaha! I totally might manage to slide through a name that was somewhat “off limits” before.

  8. Minerva says:


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